With the many challenging aspects of each construction project, S. Chaves Construction, Inc. focuses on the coordination and management of the differing tasks of each individual project. With our wide range of self performed services, combined with a select team of specialty sub-contractors, S. Chaves Construction, Inc. stays committed to making the construction process run smoothly for our clients.

Asphalt Paving

S. Chaves Construction, Inc. can provide you with a quality paving product of any size from the simple removal and replacement asphalt patch, driveway, commercial parking lot to full road reconstruction of City or County streets. Incorporating signage, asphalt curbs, sealing and striping services for new projects or maintenance of existing asphalt, S. Chaves Construction strives to provide a quality finished product to drive on.

Concrete & Masonry

From block retaining walls to structural foundations, large slabs on grade to sidewalks curbs and gutters, S. Chaves Construction, Inc. prides itself on providing a high quality lasting product with a finish worth talking about.


With attention to detail and safety, S. Chaves Construction, Inc. provides demolition services from multi-level structures, asphalt and concrete removal, land clearing and tree removal in all types of environments. Always conscious of the environment, we stay committed to separating and recycling as many of the materials from our demolition projects as possible.

Excavation & Grading

S. Chaves Construction, Inc. has performed a vast range of commercial grading projects including building pad over excavation and re-compaction, parking lot, street and road construction, soil remediation and sorting, land leveling and clearing, detention basins and reservoirs, rock slope protection installation and driveways. Our experienced staff is waiting to assist you in meeting your excavation and grading needs.

Underground Utilities

S. Chaves Construction, Inc. performs the installation and repair of all major utilities including sewer, water, storm drain, electrical and communication lines, as well as hot taps or wet cut-ins, ground water, high traffic areas, poor soil conditions or deep excavation in the city street or in a backyard. Our trained staff is experienced in assessing and adapting to all types of challenges. By utilizing the technology in shoring systems, diverse equipment options and dewatering systems, S. Chaves Construction, Inc. will safely and efficiently install or repair your utility lines, vaults or manholes.