Repair Museum Front Parking Lot, Bldg. 00500

Company/Division: S. Chaves Construction, Inc. 

Product/service: Crack sealing, pavement marking

Contracting agency/customer: NAVFAC Southwest, China Lake FEAD;

Contract No. N62473-14-D-1001/0003

Contract dollar value: $22,625.20;

Period of performance: Sept. 14, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Contracting Specialist: Dawn Copeland, (760) 939-4424,; Contracting Officer: Alfred J. Simpson, (760) 468-3155,

Scope of work:This contract was to perform crack sealing of more than 2500 LF at Naval Weapons Station China Lake. In addition, the contract called for installing 2262 LF of thermoplastic pavement markings, and two non-reflective painted handicap symbols.